December 3, 2023
Physical Therapists Specialists in Aurora, CO

Physical Therapists in Aurora CO help people of all ages restore movement, strength, and flexibility. It’s often used as an alternative to surgery. It also improves pain and mobility for chronic conditions.

Agility Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine is a private Greenwood Village-area practice that maintains a strong commitment to client satisfaction. Their team is highly skilled and compassionate.

Agility Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

Agility Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine is a medical group practice that provides individualized physical therapy treatments in a supportive environment. Its staff guides patients through the recovery process and teaches them how to manage their conditions. It also offers sports nutrition consultations to help athletes optimize their performance.

Its physical therapists are licensed by the state and have extensive experience treating patients with all types of injuries and conditions. They use a whole-body approach to help patients improve their flexibility, strength, balance, and overall movement skills. They also offer massage and manual therapy to relieve pain and treat chronic injuries.

The physical therapists at OSC also specialize in concussion diagnosis, guidance, and return-to-play evaluations. They also provide same-day X-rays, splinting, and cast management for fractures. They also provide education sessions for primary care providers, parents, athletic directors, coaches, and athletic trainers. These sessions help them understand the level of activity that is safe for each athlete based on their rehabilitation progress.

South Valley Physical Therapy

South Valley Physical Therapy is a physical therapy practice located in Denver. Their physical therapists provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment of patients with orthopedic and spinal injuries. They also treat a variety of conditions including dizziness and balance disorders, concussion and brain injury, and stroke.

The company specializes in providing one-on-one treatments and offers services that include functional movement screens, run analysis, dry needling, annual assessments, and physical therapy. Its team of PTs is highly skilled in the treatment of sports injuries and orthopedic conditions, as well as vestibular and neuromuscular rehabilitation.

They work with clients to restore their natural movement, enabling them to feel and perform at their best. Among the conditions that they treat are shoulder dislocations, herniated discs, rotator cuff tears, knee pain, and arthritis. They also have experience treating patients with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and headaches and migraines. PTs also have the ability to teach patients to manage their condition, as well as to educate them on prevention techniques.

Frontier Therapy

Frontier Therapy provides patients with personalized treatment from a premier physical therapist. Eric Mundt is a former all-conference 400 meter runner at the University of Wyoming and specializes in treating shoulder, back, knee, and neck injuries. He utilizes a unique approach to treat pain by targeting the cause, not just the symptoms. This results in fast, lasting, and often permanent relief from pain.

The court gives some weight to the fact that Aurora included a broad range of development and overhead expenses in its Payout calculation from the outset, suggesting that, before litigation began, it and Frontier regarded these charges as appropriate deductions. It also notes that Ms. DeJong, the person charged with calculating and conforming Payout to the parties’ understanding of Hudson as expressed in that agreement, did not dispute these expenses at trial.

This adversary proceeding arises out of, and is related to, a lawsuit that Frontier filed against Aurora in Michigan’s Charlevoix County Circuit Court (the State Court Action). That litigation was initially about royalties payable under two oil and gas contracts between the parties referred to as the Hudson Agreement and the Corwith Agreement.

Vernon Physical Therapy

Provides rehabilitative, skilled and medically necessary treatment intervention to patients with physical functioning disorders per regulatory and clinical practice requirements. Administers procedures including, but not limited to: manual techniques; therapeutic exercise; modalities; supportive and assistive devices; and discharge planning and documentation. Evaluates and reports on patient responses to therapy to the supervising physical therapist and physician.

The city of Aurora is a Home Rule Municipality in Arapahoe and Adams counties, with the extreme southeastern portion of the city extending into Douglas County. It is part of the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 325,078 as of the 2010 census.

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